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Bonjour all you lovely readers! Once again, I thank you all for taking out time and going through my blog. Merci Beaucoup!! 🙂 I love winters, more because summers are too hard on me! I sweat like a pig! HATE SUMMERS! Do let me know in the comment section…

How do I keep myself happy?

They say that if you have a life that you love, it makes you happy. But I believe that your happiness makes a life that you love. What do you think? Guys, staying happy requires a constant effort, I consciously try and do something which makes me happy. And believe you me, it’s not a…

Ever Heard Of ‘FE’MALE Chauvinism

Hey All 🙂 I have something great to talk about today. It is something to which each one of us will have different opinions. Something which might offend many individually. But what I experienced today forced me to actually think about this and I would urge you all to actually give this a thought honestly….