Fear ruins more bright lives than you might imagine. Each of us, by virtue of our very human nature, has the potential to lead even without having a title of either being a successful scientist or a celebrity, and achieve great things that elevate everyone around us by our model of possibility. But the chattering voice of “fear” in our heads stops us from playing big; fear to identify our own strengths, fear to accept who we are as individuals, fear to face the challenging world, fear to excel, and fear to lose.

2018 turned out to be the most productive and significant year for me, both mentally and professionally. I got a chance to explore things which make me happy, not just personally but professionally too. I have broadened my perspective towards life – stretched myself out of the comfort zone, fought for the time that I deserve for my own mental growth, and it all yielded results – positive!

Here are few of my learnings through the last year.

  1. You Don’t Grow in Normal
    All I mean by this is that if you stay within your comfort zone, you don’t grow. SIMPLE. However, if you instead stretch and face fear head on by pushing your limits, you’ll discover that your limits grow. You either grow or die, this is what my past experiences have made me realize. And growing is moving a step further from where we are today. Staying within your limits will never give you the chance to move out and try different things. You never know what, in life, could provide you immense happiness – because you haven’t tried it. And if you continue like that, a point comes when YOU SETTLE! This is the worst phase in life. You basically shut the doors for the opportunities to even show up. You eventually pull yourself back for the fear of losing access to your comfort bubble.
  2. You Don’t Know Until You Try
    Ever since a young age, I had developed a fear of water, Hydrophobia as many may refer it as. I would never imagine myself getting involved in any sort of water sport. During my trip to Europe, I got several opportunities to get over this fear, but guess what, I was in my own sweet little comfort space and I just kept denying it. Recently, during my trip to Kanyakumari, India, I got a chance to Snorkelling with my family. It would have been easy to refuse this chance. I could have made a thousand excuses as I would always do. But then I thought about the fact that leaders without a title recognize good opportunities. So, I seized it. And because I tried Snorkelling, I not only overcame my fear, but I also added another experience to my life that will shape all I do.

“If you want to achieve something that you never have, you must be ready to do something you’ve never done.”

  1. On the Other Side of Your Fears You’ll Find Your Confidence
    By doing what we’re afraid to do because it’s beyond our comfort zone, we grow in confidence. The increased confidence I have as a Snorkeler now because I snorkelled during my last trip will translate to increased confidence as a professional and as a human being. Agree? The reason being I now know that I have conquered my fear and that I CAN. So, whenever I am in the next challenging situation, I would definitely consider remembering this one and embark on my confidence and capacity to do things which were causing fear in the beginning.
  2. Life’s Short So Get in The Game
    A rich life is one made up of many rich adventures. Don’t miss out on enjoying as many as you can.



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