Money doesn’t buy you happiness, money doesn’t make you happy! Guess what? Neither does poverty!! People say money’s not that important. Let me ask you a question when your family needs your help, when they need medical help, when your kids need you to put them through college, what do you need? You need money, you need money to do that. Money’s not supposed to buy you happiness, money is supposed to give you two things and two things only –

  1. It’s supposed to make your life more comfortable
  2. It’s supposed to help you to extend the goods that you do without your physical presence

That’s it! No more than that. You cannot give, coming from a place of scarcity. You can only give coming from a place of abundance, the money earned is nothing more than a by-product of value creation. What does that mean? It means the more value you deliver to the marketplace, the more value you create! The more people you serve! The more money you make! it’s that simple, it’s not about being selfish and sometimes in life, you have to be incredibly selfish in order to be incredibly generous. How can you give when you’re lacking resources, capital, when you’ve got no money? How could you give? But, imagine if you have money. How much more you could give? You could give ten times more money than what you’re giving right now.

Money is very important it’s not everything but money makes the world move. If you want to help people, if you truly want to make a difference, make money first, so you can make a difference. I am not saying that you cannot make a difference without money, but, it does mean that you can make a much bigger difference with money. You can impact way more people with money. Now, you may be thinking, well Komal, what if money changes Who I am? Money doesn’t change who you are. Money is an amplifier; if you’re a jerk, guess what? More money would make a bigger jerk. If you’re generous, money would make you more generous. Money is a template it doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you truly are.

I believe and this is my belief and you don’t have to buy my belief. I believe learning how to make money, knowing how to make money, it is a gift, it is a gift that you should utilize to the highest degree. What it means is when you know how to make money, I believe you’re morally obligated to make as much money as you could to. Create as much wealth as you could when you could do that and if you don’t, that’s on you. Let me ask you this. If you could be healthier, should you? If you could be happier, should you? If there are things that you could do to be wealthier, then should you? When you have the opportunity to make more money, when you have the opportunity to create wealth, when you have the opportunity to create more value in the marketplace and you don’t, let me tell you this. You are ripping yourself off! You’re ripping your customers off from the value you can provide! You’re ripping your family off from the light that you could provide for them! You’re ripping people off if you don’t live up to your potential!

So, make the money. Make the difference. Stop this excuse and go make that happen!


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  1. Baffledmum says:

    A great post! I don’t think money can buy happiness even though it can make a huge difference to lives…

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    1. Completely agree wth you:)

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