Komal Bhan || throughmymind

“Hey what do you do?”

“I’m a writer, I own a Daily cum Travel Blog”

“Nice, and do you make enough money from that?”


“It’s a nice sunny morning, isn’t it?”

Hello lovely readers! Must be wondering what the above conversation is all about? This morning while I was heading to the market to get myself some milk and bread, I came across an old acquaintance who had this conversation with me. Now, you know where this came from?

While I was having breakfast, I was thinking about it again and I wondered why this was weird. Surely, I didn’t want to explain to her how much I earn from blogging, whether I earn or not at all? Not a big deal though, but the fact that I was re-thinking about this entire conversation is what made me kind of write today’s blog.

If you have been reading my…

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