Sharing a room with the most fun loving people, night outs, troubling the wardens, the mid-night Maggi sessions, birthday celebrations, the first booze and those endless gossips about guys – that’s the idea of a girls’ hostel. Right? So, once I completed my high school education and planned on pursuing engineering, the idea of staying in a hostel scared the hell out of me; the hostel mess food, the warden, sharing your room with strangers, doing everything on your own and staying away from your home. I never wanted to leave my hometown and stay in a hostel. I wasn’t ready!


Guys, when I shifted to Delhi and my hostel warden introduced me and my parents to the girls who were going to be my room mates, I was so unhappy but it was memorable. How? So, after all the melodrama between our respective families, all those good-byes, all three of us (me and my room mates) met for dinner at the student mess. All three of us were from the same hometown and shared a common regional language. I guess that’s one reason why it took us just a day to break the ice. Post dinner, we decided to go to sleep early since all of us were tired and guess what at 3 in the morning, we were planning a prank. Woaaa!!! We decided to switch off the lights and one of us would quickly go out and knock some other girls’ rooms which were on the same floor and rush back in. We did that and in about an hour, someone knocked our door. We came out and were so amazed to see all those girls making up stories as to who is knocking their doors. I remember how all three of us overacted when we said someone has been knocking our door too. OMG! It was such a crazy night. This was just the beginning. From the lectures which we bunked to those pranks, all of us became really good friends. Oh Boy! We all experienced every bit of this freakily crazy phase of my life.

In fact, it was this hostel which made me meet my best friend, Parul. Initially, we didn’t talk much but the college festivals and the hostel outings brought us really close. And today, we are the best of friends.

Me and Parul, 2012, Final Year, Farewell

We had this really cool group in the hostel wherein all of us would stay awake till the morning and sleep during the lectures. From watching the first porn to sneaking out of the hostel for a night out, I have experienced everything with these girls.

Me, Hostel, 2011

And can you guess what is the one thing that became really really important to me in hostel life? You guessed it right – my laptop, which I hadn’t touched in ages, all of a sudden, became my most prized possession. Any new movie or TV series would rotate around all the hostels in the same little pen drive. And the month before the semester exams, the hostel used to be such a mess. You’ll find books in every corner, be it the balcony or the staircase. After all, that’s how engineers are supposed to study!

Hostel life has definitely made me more independent; I learnt how to manage expenses on my own and I believe it has certainly made me the confident person that I am today.


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