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Hello everyone. How have you all been?

There are days when I just don’t want to work on my blogs on a week off. I feel too lazy to write but when I have deadlines, I rush to the nearest coffee shop and believe you me guys, I have a real change of mood. My laptop, me, a good coffee shop. That’s the kind of motivation which I need on that week off. Thinking about why I am more productive when I work from a coffee shop, I thought I would make a blog out of it so that you guys could share if you feel the same and why.


Alright, so the first thing which makes me more productive while working from a coffee shop is the fact that there are lesser distractions in a coffee shop than at my work place or probably home. Yes, even at home, if I plan to work for the complete day on some writing project, I might end up watching Netflix and drinking Cola. When I am at a coffee shop all by my coffee and laptop, and of course I can’t lie down and lazy around on the couch, I tend to focus only and only on my project.

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I just read it somewhere that a certain level of background noise is what helps you concentrate on your work. Alright, so to be more precise, a study published in The Journal of Consumer Research found that the level of ambient noise of a bustling coffee shop (~Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 1.57.18 PM.png70 decibels) enhanced creativity, compared with the quieter level of 50 decibels.


Not to forget, the most important factor of being able to concentrate more while working in a coffee shop is CAFFEINE! Yay! I know so many people who can’t even start their day before that one shot of coffee. Crazy, ain’t it? I do love coffee but I am not a coffee addict. No one can deny the fact that coffee increases vigilance and mental awareness by increasing the blood pressure and releasing sugar for that extra energy.


Even when we are working in the most amazing work spaces, after a certain time, we tend to fall into a routine. No matter how hard we try, it doesn’t help us concentrate better. When we sit and work in a coffee shop, we break that same old monotonous routine and that’s how we start to yield better results. A change in routine is very important when it comes to increasing your productivity.

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It’s always a good idea to work in a different place, it refreshes the mood because to be more creative, your brain needs variation.


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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Coffee makes everything seem easier & better! I knew what you mean though… X

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  2. theunspokentestimony says:

    Haha that explains it, thank you for sharing ❤️

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  3. ortensia says:

    I tried to work in a coffee shop but I m too nosy ,I look at other people and start wondering about their stories….not good to come meet work but actually good to inspire for je😀

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  4. Silverio says:

    I should try it, I have a Starbucks close to my house and I never go I much more prefer to stay home sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this inspiring method. It might really help to change the work place from time to time than sitting in the same chair, on the same desk in our office daily. We are just used to all the items in the office and the same things do not really inspire us anymore as they evoke the same thoughts in us from day to day.

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