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Hello lovely readers.

It’s been more than a year now since I have been to a beach and I so badly wanted to visit one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t! I was so missing the sea-side, the shacks, the sound of the tides and of course the sea food! Sometime last week, one of my friends mentioned about a place in Delhi which is just the reflection of beaches, specially Goa. LADYBAGA. So, me and friends (Vishal and Vipul) planned to hang out and explore this place and trust me guys, it’s A-MAZING. If you are in Delhi, somewhere near to Connaught Place, do check out this place.

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LANDMARK – Rajiv Chowk Metro Station Gate Number 7

AMBIENCE – Superbly gorgeous ambience. Kudos to the designer. What took me by surprise was the fact that as soon as I stepped out of the elevator, I stepped on sand. Yes! Yes! One half of the area including the bar is designed in a way that the floor is full of sand and there is this beautiful fountain in the middle of the restaurant. The walls display a 3D beach view with waves and tides and it’s all sea. It’s so amazing to realize that you are in the middle of a restaurant but you feel like you are on a beach, sitting and enjoying your meals by a shack. Ah and one exciting thing about this place was the Graffiti walls. Oh, my god. I loved them. The ones on the staircase and somewhere on the restaurant walls too. It was so colorful and bright. I so liked the interior design of this place, from the color combination, to the light effects, to the curtains and the couches. Everything was so soothing and comfortable.

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FOOD – So, we decided to order the food as per the Goa delicacies and yes, we found almost all Goan dishes on the menu. We ordered a Butter Garlic Crab, a fish thali, a chicken xacuti, some rice and Chocolate Freak Shake. Honestly, if you are going to order this shake, don’t order much of the food then because it’s too heavy. I absolutely loved the shake. Doing complete justice to its name, the shake was freakishly delicious. I tell you the Fish Thali was the traditional Goan fish thali which I had once while in Goa. It tasted so good. This, I believe was the best fish I had over all these days.

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MUSIC – Since we had gone there for lunch, we didn’t expect any music. However, it had the Goan music, like those bands playing in the background even during the day. That was really nice.

Those of you who are in Delhi should visit LadyBaga at least once and I am sure this will bring back the memories of those beach trips.


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  1. Baffledmum says:

    Looks like a great place… x

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    1. It is indeed. If you visit India> New Delhi, do visit this place:)

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  2. That seems awesome… why the hell I never heard of it?…🤘🖖✌

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    1. hahaha must try! 🙂

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