Hello my lovely readers!!

Of late, I wanted to write a blog on anxiety and how to overcome that. So, it’s very disturbing for me these days when I go to bed. We are on Facetime through the day, but I feel so upset. I feel so helpless to be away from him for so long. For people who have come to my website for the very first time, I am in a long-distance relationship with my husband since August last year. It’s been almost 8 months now and just a few more months before we move in together.

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This has not been easy, at all! In these 8 months, we have visited each other a couple of times though. A month ago, when he was still in India for around a week, we lost our dog, Teez. Ever since, it’s been all the way more difficult because in the first half of my long-distance, I had her. She was there when I came back from work, I used to hang out with her on my week-offs, we used to chill under the winter sun. It was such a lovely time, though short-termed.

Now, I would say that in my scenario, it’s not just the long-distance relationship which has built up the stress and the pressure. I believe that stress builds over time; a stressful work project, the never-ending deadlines, the bucket list which seems impossible at times, personal friction with friends and family, less sleep time due to the hectic schedules – all these things gradually defeat us. These regular challenges mount, the stress grows and Booooooom! We reach our breaking point.

Moreover, sometimes, we know that we need to relax, we need to slow down, things will fall into place eventually. However, we choose not to understand. It’s just so frustrating that we don’t know how to calm ourselves down and look forward to something positive. So, I thought I would give you guys some tricks which I use when I know I am reaching my breaking point.

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Alright, so everyone of us goes through a time in life when they feel that life’s been running over them. That’s true! And that’s very normal! Isn’t it? I mean tell me one person who you think hasn’t ever gone through a breakdown. It is not possible. Everyone goes through their share of ups and downs in life and the winner is the one who accepts the situation as it comes and makes an effort to acknowledge it. This is when you are prepared to fight it out. The ones who are not ready to deal with it, they eventually lose and let life bring them down. CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS!


I understand that we have to keep running right from the morning till the time we tuck ourselves in the bed. However, it’s very important to pull out that little time to recharge yourself for the upcoming battle. It may be your week off or may be the monthly leaves which you take. Take some time off and relax. Do something which you like doing. It can be any hobby of yours, cooking, drawing, writing, reading, anything which makes you happy! This definitely would help keep away your breaking point.


Having a hard time putting yourself to sleep? Getting irritated at the smallest of things? Snapping at your friends or family? Hard to concentrate on your work? All of these are the warning signs which you know, with experience. You know that life if being hard on you. All you have to do is the second step, remember? When you know, you are facing these life challenges, just don’t fall. Acknowledge it and work on it!


As they, sleep is a golden chain that binds health and bodies together. It’s so true. Make it a priority. With the hectic lifestyle which almost each one of us is living these days, it’s essential to take a good sleep. Cut down on caffeine, skip that last show on Netflix, rather go to sleep. Even the short naps during the day time are so significant. And if you face consistent issues with your sleep, please do visit a doctor.


The sooner you start taking care of these little things in the aftermath, the sooner you’ll be on the right track!


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  1. Really needed to hear this right now, thank you!

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    1. Stay strong! Don’t give up!

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  2. theunspokentestimony says:

    I love this, very positive perspective! Think this is a wonderful time for you and your husband to be more content with your own individual space. That way when you guys do meet, there will be healthy boundaries. Keep on pushing hun!

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    1. In a way, you are absolutely right, but there are times when frustration and helplessness overcomes everything else. Thanks for all your support:)

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      1. theunspokentestimony says:

        Of course, we are human. But just as we have the ability to go through the motions of stress and discontent, it is indeed possible to overcome such things as well! No problem hun 💕

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