10 Things I wish I could tell my younger self

Komal Bhan || throughmymind

Most of us end up spending our lives regretting things which we think could have been done in a better way!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 5.44.06 PM.png

I thought of going back and reviewing the past 26years of my life, it’s been a long journey full of ups and downs. I am well aware of the fact that if I hadn’t been through my set of challenges, I wouldn’t have reached where I have today! However, here is the list of 10 things which I would have told my younger self…

  1. Life is good no matter how hard it may turn out to be. Eventually, things will fall into place and worrying about pity issues is not really worth it. It’s better to laugh it out and move on for I now know that I am going to end up laughing out at it later.
  2. It’s amazing to work hard in the high school but don’t…

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