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We recently shifted our office space and the new one is a really cool one. We all like it better than the previous one, despite the fact that both are in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

So, I had observed this transgender woman visiting us and asking for money since we had shifted here. Now, while this person was having a little tiff with our team over the money that we were offering them, I found most of us mocking the entire situation. It is so unfortunate, isn’t it? I don’t think there was any uneducated person there at that point in time. Strange right? Mondays are week off for us and I heard some of us telling them to come on Monday since the boss is not in the office. I don’t think either of this was true. In India, the only source of income for this community is…

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  1. So true. They are not given a chance to showcase their talent. Nobody looks at them respectfully. It’s time we made a change.

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