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TEEZ, 13, Labrador

It’s been 6 days since you have left me. It’s my week off today and I just can’t find you around. Remember, how we used to soak in the winter sun at the terrace of our home? I miss you. I still remember how happy you would be when I was not going to work. How you would follow me wherever I would go. You were an example of patience and I cannot recall a single moment when you would be irritated, no matter how annoying I would act.

I still can’t bear to talk about you. Yet some may say, you were just a dog. I haven’t removed your ‘sitting mat’ or your blanket or your toys or your food bowl from my room. I am too scared to do that. Every time, I reach under my bed and stumble across your food bowl, I just break into tears. After I get back home from work, I keep looking for you all over the house, my mind is yet not in terms with the fact that you are no longer with me. You were the one who would never let me feel alone. I could talk to you and you would understand everything that I would say. Every time, I was sick, you would never leave my side. When I would cry, you would come to me and put your feet on my lap. How do I get over you? Even when I forgot to re-fill your water bowl or every time I asked you to leave the room, you would never bark or get angry. Every time there is a sound at the door, I think it’s you. I miss you when we are having dinner. I still wake up in the middle of the night remembering how you used to wake me up just so I could give you some belly rubs.

I remember in your last days, how you would try to look up to me and try to put your legs on my lap and you were too weak to even move, my baby. I am sorry for all the pain that you had to go through in your last days. I know it hurt a lot, I still wonder how did you managed to be so calm after all the pain?

You were one of the best things that could possibly exist on earth. A loss that I will never be able to cover in life.

Were you just a dog?


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  1. Your post is beautiful and a tribute to your dog’s life. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost one of my female cats, Andie on December 13th 2017, tomorrow will be 3 months and still my heart is broken. I miss her so much. I have had many cats through out my life but Andie’s soul connected with mine so closely.
    I am sure your doggie had a wonderful life with you, and know his pain was less because he had your love and care.

    1. Thank you for all the support and I am sure you can feel your cat’s presence around you every time you miss her.

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      1. I actually do, feel her presence, and I know your dog is with you too 💖

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  2. My Carmel says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. He is a beautiful angel ❤

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  3. It is so hard to lose a dog. Unconditional love. Mine passed almost a year ago and I still have his bed at the foot of mine. I swear I heard him wagging his tail there not long ago

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    1. Now that you have said that, even I, not long back, heard my dog climbing up the staircase towards my room just like she used to do. I guess she’s still there, just that I can’t see her. But what matters is that I feel her around! 🙂

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