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This blog is going to be a continuation of my previous one. All these days, I could not find the strength to write, however, I felt it was really important for me to vent out all of it.

Before going for the trip, we dropped Teez (our female Labrador, aged 13) to the veterinary hostel (South Delhi, India) which provides proper care and has a doctor 24*7. He had been the regular doctor for Teez since long back. He is termed as the god father of Veterinary Sciences and who would not want the best for their pet.

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While we were on the trip, we followed up with the Hostel Authority consistently and the second day of the trip, while I called them up, they informed me that she was extremely sick. After all the discussion, I had a word with the doctor and all he said was that she is sick because of her age and that they had conducted a blood test on her. All that the hospital staff kept telling us is that it’s her age and that she isn’t eating anything, cannot move or walk, they had put her on drip, twice a day. We were so worried and since the doctor sounded so negative the entire time, we were even more worried. I tried calling 10 more veterinary doctors and shared her reports with them to research further, however, everyone wanted us to admit her first before they would “start the treatment.”

We reached Delhi early morning at around 6, dropped our luggage at home, picked up a few blankets and some water for Teez and left for the hospital. We kept knocking the door and I kept calling their number but apparently, the night staff was sleeping too and after almost half an hour, someone came up to open the door and let us in. We were looking for our baby in every nook and cranny.

And there she was, lying down at a corner, and I can still not forget what I saw that morning. She had puked and it was still all over her. Oh, my God! We never felt so helpless before. I picked her up, she knew that we were there however, she was too weak to respond. I couldn’t control my emotions and started crying like a child. We cleaned her, my husband tried to calm me down, it was all such a mess. I was feeling extremely guilty for not being there with her when she needed me the most. She must have felt so alone, fighting and bearing all the pain. My poor baby! I still get goosebumps when I try to recall the entire situation. My husband took me out, we cried and hugged each other like little babies who felt so helpless for their baby but couldn’t think of anything productive. But it was time that we took her to some other place, where she would be cared, diagnosed correctly and she would get well soon and come back home.

It was early morning, we tried calling a lot of places, we rushed to a few hospitals too before we could finalize on to something. Finally, we got to know of a place which is the only place in Delhi to have the facility of Dialysis for pets. It’s in Chatarpur, South Delhi, a place named STELLAR PET EXOTICA. Co-incidentally, it was very near to our place. We went there and in the entire negative situation, I sensed a ray of hope. This was the first doctor out of the entire lot who said something extremely positive and the way the pets were taken care of, it gave us some true hope for our baby. She was in a lot of pain and wanted an extremely good and serious treatment. We went back to the previous doctor, got the bills cleared, picked her up and proceeded to the new hospital. For all the dog parents out there, I would definitely recommend visiting this hospital if your pet is not doing well. They take care of the hygiene and proper treatment as per the customer expectations. During one of the conversations with the owner of this place, we came to know that he had lost his pet to a disease and since, proper treatment for pets is still not available at most of the places, this guy planned and opened the hospital to make sure good quality treatment is provided to the vets and this place has some world-class veterinary doctors from Brazil who train the staff there.

Okay so, the new doctor did some more tests including the blood test conducted at the previous hospital. When we compared the 2 reports, we were shocked to see the increased trouble. Things had worsened ever since she was treated at the Doctor’s. The reason why I am specifying the name of the doctor is to let my readers know and understand that a “brand name” may not necessarily help get you the best treatment for your pet.

Anyway, we didn’t know how to react. In a couple of days, her condition had clinically improved and we had some more hope. Neither me nor my husband had slept since that morning when we landed. It had been 3 nights and my husband had to leave back the next morning. We were extremely tensed because after my husband would leave, I didn’t know how would I gain all the courage to take decisions for Teez alone. The night before he had to leave back to France, we were just lying down and recalling all the good memories with Teez, it was 1.30 at night and we got a call from the hospital. As soon as my mobile phone’s screen displayed the hospital contact, my heart skipped a beat. In a few more minutes, something shook us both. The doctor said something which I never wanted to hear. I didn’t know how to react. Yes, we had both lost our baby. My husband, being my biggest strength, convinced me to be strong and calm and in some time, we left for the hospital. I don’t even want to describe how I faced my baby who was sleeping peacefully, lying there blue and cold. It was the the night of the 6th of March, 2018.

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She was 13 and it was time I suppose. But we weren’t ready to lose her. I guess no one is. But this is what life is. It took me time to get over this and we are still struggling through the loss. What makes it even more difficult for the two of us is the distance between us.

Last night, while we were having dinner, I unconsciously, served dinner for Teez and when I realized that she is no more with us, I couldn’t control my emotions. I guess time will heal this wound that life has given me. It is so painful and I really am looking forward to cope up with this loss as soon as possible.


I would also like to include one important event here. Three years back, I hadn’t even met Teez but my husband always used to share her pictures and talk about her all the time. This is when she showed signs of pregnancy and so my husband took her to the previous doctor who conducted various tests and an ultra-sound test as well and he concluded that she was not pregnant. Two days later, she gave birth to a pup who was extremely weak since we didn’t know that she was pregnant and hence, she was on a normal diet. Sometime later the same night, her pup died. He was too weak to survive. Who could my husband have blamed? The doctor? He felt so helpless and I was so furious. How could an expert doctor not know that a dog is pregnant even after an ultra-sound? She wasn’t a fat kid, she weighed 26kgs. There was no reason which I could figure out for the wrong diagnosis.

It’s really essential for me to let my readers know of this doctor (can’t name it for legal reasons, however he is one renowned doctor from Vasant Kunj, New Delhi) and the treatment been given to Teez. I would urge you to always double check with some other doctor to make sure the diagnosis is been done the right way. I want all the dog parents to know about this and take essential care before it’s too late and that is the reason why I came up with this blog. I will make sure and prepare a blog with all the necessary steps to be taken and how to actually deal with the medical problems (related to kidney and tick fever, if not all) and I hope it’s going to be helpful to people who are blessed to have the most friendly and obedient companion ever.

You will always be a part of us and nothing in this whole world can take your place in our lives. Thank you for making us learn so much about life and patience. You were and are the best thing which ever happened to the both of us. Baby, we wish you peace and happiness, wherever you are!


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  1. supkoul says:

    That was Very touching and heartbreaking .. May her soul rest in peace .

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  2. ortensia says:

    oh dear I so feel your pain,love to you and to her soul watching over you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This made me really emotional with you. When I lost my childhood dog I was broken. May she rest in peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So am I. But, I realize this is a cycle. This is how life is supposed to be and we have to be prepared for the bad times too. I have so many beautiful memories with her which make me smile and cry at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. josephlacey12 says:

    A terrible time for you and husband. I had a difficult time reading about it… I can relate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed it is but life moves on:)


  5. josephlacey12 says:

    Don’t know if you read my book about Bernie and Chris… (print and eBook on Amazon)… My 2nd book about them is at the publisher and will be available in May/June.
    The 3rd book about the Casita will be published in April… all about the travel trailer adventures with Bernie and Chris… short because I only had it less than a year before selling it.


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