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Just like driving and coding needs practice, so does creativity. Some people believe that creativity is a natural gift. I disagree! I think it is no different. Creativity is a two-way process, the more you try to make it a part of you, the more it will grow.

Now the question is how to train yourself to be creative and make it a part of your life? Here’s a list which I have compiled after taking suggestions and opinions from some of the people I know.


We, as adults tend to stay in our own comfort zones and hardly want to come out of it which in turn makes our lives monotonous. Sit at a secluded place and relax, then start by brainstorming yourself, most of the creative ideas start flowing when you give yourself that time and think about it. Most of the times, our mind is so occupied to think creatively. So, I would suggest sitting at peace and brainstorming yourself.


Create the right environment. Do that right now. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, make the things tidier and organized. When things are organized, your mind thinks in a better way and in a more creative manner. Remember, this is the second step, followed by brainstorming. So, if you are lying, get up and sit down to play this mind game. If you are sitting, clean up all the mess around and get ready to think in the most creative way. Most of you might not realize the importance of creating an environment but trust me, it’s very important.


Get ready to be moving as soon as you are done creating that environment around you. This is one reason why I disagree with the fact that creativity comes naturally. People who say this are not ready to move their asses and like to play the blame game. Guess what? It doesn’t work like this. You have to move your body in order to get started. The ideas which you have after all the brainstorming need execution. You are the one who can do that.


Socializing is as important as anything. Connect with people, talk to them. Know of their opinions. When you talk to 10 different people, you know 10 different things and you never know, something suggested by someone of them might help you somewhere.


If you are a visual thinker, then grab a pencil and a paper or probably a white board and a marker and let your creative part out. If you are too lazy to do it, keep a doodle book with you and whenever you have time, scribble.


You never know how good you are unless you try. Why don’t you write the book which you like reading? At least try! Write whenever you have time. Doesn’t matter how much you write, starting to write is what is important. I would suggest setting a timely schedule to write. For example, if you are working, try and fix Sunday evenings to write. It’s not difficult to find 30 minutes once a week. Is it?


If you can get it done by making or creating it yourself, why not do that. Not everything needs to be purchased from the market or done on that laptop. Try the handmade methods. The more you opt for the handmade methods, be it writing or thinking of a gift for your loved ones, the more you tend to explore your creative side.

It’s very important to make changes to your routine. Every time you are tired of the same old schedule, change it. Be creative!


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  1. Great lesson reminder. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. floatinggold says:

    Just keep moving. Practice. Great suggestions.

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  3. Jaidip Patra says:

    Loved this one greatly… Infact I was never creative and till class IX my writings were very substandard but eventually it improved and through practice and a lot of visualization(you missed that point) my ability has been elevated a lot… So good post really.. One thing is very necessary that is inspiration and passion… Whatever you see me to write comes out of my avid passion… And that is the reason my llog name is “Passion of writing”


    1. Thanks for taking some time out and going through the blog. Really glad you liked it:)


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