Sometimes, we feel like taking a look at the past memories of our life which brings a smile on our face, no matter how hard life has been hitting us. Everyone who knows me knows my love for scrapbooks. Yes, I absolutely love them. So, I thought I would dedicate this blog to sharing my views on gifting a scrapbook full of those beautiful and irreplaceable memories. I know many find this stupid, but does it matter? I have gifted scrapbooks to many of my friends and family and nothing is comparable to the happiness of their face while they are going through it. Somehow, I don’t believe in the concept of expensive gifts. You may call it rude or whatever! But that’s something I strongly believe in! If you love someone, nothing can more expensive than your time and efforts. Let’s take a look at the facts which make gifting a scrapbook important:


I have made so many scrapbooks but I have so much more to scrap. Its endless, yet amazing. Many people who don’t like the concept of scrapbooks come up to me and say why do you need a scrapbook when you have the entire gallery on your cell phone full of pictures? How many of you really go back in the past and check out those memories while fiddling with your cell phone. Why not get it printed instead? Scrapbooking makes home for these beautiful memories and you can pick it up any time and go through them. I find it unjustified to those lovely pictures to remain behind the phone screen or on Insta stories! They deserve to be on the album. I have a lot of share with my kids and grandkids because I have a lot of those scrapbooks. Every year passes just so fast, why not save it on those creative pages of your scrapbook.



Every scrapbook has a story to tell, all the pictures they speak about a moment! Isn’t it? So, the next time I pick up my scrapbook when I am low, I can go back the memory lane and think of how my life has eventually turned out to be. Something which motivates you to be happy.


A scrapbook also helps you develop a feeling of gratitude for whatever positive happens in your life. So, when I created our first-year marriage scrapbook, it took me a lot of time to finish that, but today, when we sit together and recollect all those amazing moments which we spent during the first year of marriage, it makes us feel so thankful and we look forward to so much more happiness together. That’s the power of a scrapbook.


Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the paintings and the crafts. I always used to draw and create things. I loved doing all of that. I am so thankful to God for I never stopped doing this and this has certainly brought my creativity to another level. I feel happy doing this plus I am doing something productive, that is bonus, right?


At the end of the day, one must do something which makes you feel happy. I strongly believe in this and I find creating things fun. Especially the handmade scrapbooks – using different papers, those craft materials, your pictures, and brainstorming yourself to give your loved ones the best thoughtful gift ever.



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  1. Mel says:

    In the last 12 months, 3 of my girls have moved out of home. They were constantly calling and texting asking for their favourite recipes. So, for xmas, i made them a scrapbook recipe book. As this was a near last minute idea, i didnt have time to do all their favourites. However, for birthdays and xmas, i can add to this for them. They loved them! And they were all different for memories we had together.

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    1. And you can always go through them and recollect all those beautiful memories. It’s an amazing way to capture your life. Glad you did that:)


  2. urvashi7 says:


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