Lessons that the first month of blogging has taught me

If this is the first time that you have landed on my website, let me tell you that throughmymind is a little more than a month old now. So, I decided to write a blog sharing the lessons which I have learnt during this journey with throughmymind. Blogging has given me my own little creative corner in this vast internet space and I absolutely adore it.



Structuring my time in the most judicious way possible is my first take away from the past one month of blogging. My friends have been asking me how do I manage to write my blogs every single day along with a full-time job. And I don’t get surprised when people ask me such questions, that’s because I was not confident of whether I would be able to do this before I actually planned to start my own blog. This is when I jotted down my entire day’s schedule and tried to figure out that time of the day when I could actually do it. I am not at all a morning person but I don’t hate mornings either, so, I started writing mostly in the mornings while having my first cup of tea or late at night before I go to bed. Yes, I have no fixed schedule for writing my blogs and that’s what I have to work on now. But my take away from this is that 24 hours is ample time and if we want, we can utilize it to the best of our use. Value it!


It’s hard as hell! Blogging is hard! Reason one, to deal with the content, brainstorm and research. I don’t want to create content just for the sake of it, I want to create content which has a meaning and can help someone. And since the past few months, I have been managing my blog planner. No matter whether I am in a train, at work, in the kitchen or walking, the moment something interesting clicks my mind, I jot that down. Two, the criticism, although I don’t have a big audience as of now, so I assume pressure of criticism is low, but I am sure of the count in the future. Since, I am very new to the blogging thing, I might be experiencing all the pressure in the world to improve my content. I guess this is going to ease with time.


Despite immense passion to write and a lot of time in hand, why didn’t I start blogging when I was 20? Why did it take 7 long years to start what could have started long back? That’s because of the countless insecurities which are never going to end. Yes, the fact is that I spent my entire life worrying about things, about the “what ifs” and “how wills” and this time around, I just let it go. I just created this website, designed it and posted my first ever blog. No plans, no executions. Because it wasn’t happening that way. Now, I am not advising you all to do the same but yes, you should never give in to the “what ifs” and “how wills”. They are real life suckers! Trust me!


I always believed that I have a creative side too but blogging helped me evolve it further. I am way more creative than I thought. Ever since I was a small girl, I loved drawing and painting. I used to create imaginary things inside my head and would create stories, I would paint those imaginary places on my drawing sheets. For the birthdays of my family and friends, I would create those cards and scrapbooks and what not! And when I got a chance to choose my subjects in high school, why did I choose Science and Math, why not may be Arts? Why??? And every time I question myself, I fail to answer. And then it was time to choose my college, filling those application forms, it was certain that I was to become an engineer. But why the hell did I chose to become an engineer? I DON’T KNOW! But one thing remained constant and that is writing! I never left that! That’s one of the best things which I think I had done while growing up. Life doesn’t give more chances but I guess I was lucky and blogging happened to me. Yes, it helped me re-define my creative side and play around with my ideas.

Looking back at this crazy one month, I am so glad that I took a leap to join blogging. My husband always says that I don’t do justice to what I am capable of and I second him, although I fail to confront. I look forward to grow as a better person with more and more blogs.


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  1. Amazing and inspiring post! Like it!

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    1. Hey I am glad you liked it:)

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  2. I read to of your posts and I enjoyed them. I, too, am relatively new to blogging, and I am still finding my “voice.” I love experimenting with topics, depending on what interests me at that time.

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    1. I am so happy that you liked my posts. As you would have observed, I keep experiment with random things which keep clicking me. I just let it out and try to compile it in the best possible manner! 🙂
      Wish you all the best and I will definitely read your blogs! 🙂

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  3. floatinggold says:

    Well done on 1 month of blogging. Keep going.


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