5 Strategies for people who can’t write


Not everyone wants to write, maybe you are the one who hates to write or someone who thinks they just can’t write. But there are situations in our daily life where it’s required to write no matter how much we hate it. If you have been a constant follower of my blogs, you know my passion for writing though! Say for example, you are starting up a new business, there are chances that you are required to write, maybe for your website or for the long emails which would be require to contact stakeholders or critical investors. Well, in that case, there’s no chance that you could stick to your “I hate writing” or “I can’t write”. You have to write and write really well. Let me give you a few strategies on how to write in an effective and easy manner.


What was the last piece of information which you went through and were amazed at how beautifully it has been written? Did you bother to notice what made it good? That’s primarily because of what it said. The information which has now been communicated to you, you found it interesting and useful. The reason why you read that article or probably that email was met and that’s 90% of the work done. Brainstorm yourself 5minutes prior to writing. I do that every time I sit and write. Give your mind at least 5minutes to go through everything related to that topic and the reason why this is important is that most of the people know what to write, but unfortunately, they can’t recollect all of that when the time comes. The best way to handle this brainstorm yourself – of all the ideas that you have, of everything you know about that particular topic and boooom! You can create the best of the content ever!


Every time I frame a sentence, and read it myself, if I can’t understand it, probably my readers won’t be able to understand that too. This is just an approach which I follow and I would recommend using this to improve on your writing skills. Use a simple though effective manner to communicate your thoughts. Make it simple for the other people to read and understand. And before you click that “Send” button or probably the “Publish” button, question yourself one last time “Do you understand what I wanted to convey?”


If you have not developed a habit to write and still struggle through the blank page in your Diary or probably your Word file, then this technique might be of great help to you. Try it first and you would thank me later. So, for example, you are ready with what you want to write, have all those points in mind, brainstormed, and still don’t know how to stand that blank page, call a close friend if possible or start talking to yourself and discuss all that is in your mind. When you do that, there are chances that you convey that easily through words.

As a kid, I was always a self-talker, which means that I would start discussing things with myself when alone in English and I guess this has helped my writing skills way too much!


Like most of the things in life, writing skills don’t improve overnight and so you have to invest a lot of time and efforts if you want to really improve upon them. Practice as much as you can. Travelling – Open a notepad and start typing on the topic of your interest, before you go to bed – Try writing down all the positive things which happened during the day and how you want the next day to be. Keep writing and that’s the key my dear friend!

  1. READ

Reading for me is as important as brainstorming every single day. Pick up a topic, any random topic and use the internet to find ten different articles on that. READ! Reading exposes you to different writing styles and while you do that you tend to explore and increase your own creativity. Reading also helps you get those right words which is what is needed to impact your story!


 “Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them.” Paul Graham

Write your heart out, watch all those ideas flowing because even if you are not a “writer” per se, it can be a life-changer for you.


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  1. Great ideas to get some ideas flowing!

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