How to make a functional and cost effective office space in your own room


rob-wingate-434155.jpgWorking from home? So, have you inadvertently created a good office space to suit your requirements? Working from home has its own perks – no commute and better work-life balance, to name a few. I believe that it’s really important to make an awesome work space, especially when you are working from home, in order to drive crazy productivity and to get those perfect positive vibes that drive you to work harder. Do you think that you require a separate room in order to set this up? Well, the good news is NO, you can turn the little corner in your bedroom or the living room into a productive and functional work space. Sounds good, right? Take a peek.

  1. Get creative with the space around

When I work from home, the biggest challenge for me is winding up everything! So, I thought of creating a little room in my own bedroom for this. Yes, you don’t need a separate room for this. Just find out that specific corner in your very own bedroom, keeping in mind things like the electric sockets, storage cabinet and preferably a study desk.

  1. Go for some comfortable space

You are working from home and most definably you would want to feel comfortable and relaxed, given that working from home has its own set of perks. So, go for nice comfy chair or probably a bean bag to add to the level of comfort. Add a colorful pillow, in addition to that small coffee table for your mid-work snacks or that small coffee break.

  1. Personalize

People who know me know my love for keeping things around me really personalized. But when it comes to creating office spaces, I believe in more thoughtful, organized and functional ways. Try including mementos of success, make that DIY poster which motivates you to work harder. If you like it the vintage way, shop for some postcards from around the world and make a collage.

  1. Go Green

I absolutely love keeping my work space ‘green’. Moreover, studies show that plants in your office have shown to

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Stress
  • Keep the air clean
  • Keep you healthy
  • Help you focus

Now, that sounds like bonus. Isn’t it?

  1. Stock Up

When you are working from home, you don’t want to go out every now and then to buy may be a pen or a notepad. Keep supplies like these handy – pens, notepads, organizer, stapler, scissors, pin board pins and sticky notes.

  1. Lighting

Effective lighting does not only help organize better, but it certainly helps get those positive vibes that I keep talking about. And when you are working at home, alone, you don’t want to feel dizzy and it’s important to get the required motivation.

  1. Curtain It Off

When I started working like using a corner in my own bedroom, things weren’t working as I had thought them to be. It’s when I analyzed the problem I understood that it’s pretty important to keep the bed and the work space aloof and I tried by doing a parting with the help of a beautiful curtain which would in fact add to the attractive quotient to the room.


Having said that, don’t let go off the privilege of working from home just because it doesn’t work out. Rather try these tricks to make an efficient and organized work space.

If you have any more ideas to add to this, share them in the comment section below.

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