Rape Culture – How do we get out of it?

Komal Bhan || throughmymind

69th year of an independent republic! Cheers fellow Indians! Our nation is a treasure of diversity, let’s do justice to this and cherish it! I wanted to take this opportunity to draw my readers’ attention towards our weakness, towards something which might not let us be somewhere where we ought to be!

Remember Nirbhaya? Any of you?

Remember the public outrage this case provoked? And what happened after that? After a year? After 2 years? It’s become one of those clinging cases in the Indian history which was also one of the rare cases to ignite the international outrage. I remember I used to live alone in Delhi then and how petrified I would be for the initial 3-4 days. I could not imagine what the poor girl must have gone through; it was inhuman and it was gross!


It’s been 5 years to this incident now, do you…

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