Today I am going to write about something which I consider really important, which holds back a lot of people, which can either be just ‘shyness’ or rather ‘social phobia’. Yes guys, we are in today’s blog going to know about shyness and the ways how we can get overcome it. I remember being a socially shy kid years back, though I was smart enough to talk, question and debate with my parents at home or may be my cousins at home. Now when I say ‘at home’, that’s alarming. As a kid, I didn’t quite understand the difference between being confident at home or/and socially. I guess that’s what did not matter to me then, possibly because I did not understand the repercussions of being socially less interactive. As I grew up, I don’t know how but I turned out to be quite an extrovert!


According to a research, about 50% of the people consider themselves to be shy. Now that’s quite a number. Isn’t it? But the question is that whether this is “just shyness” or “social phobia”? I think this is high time when we understand the difference between the two and get over it because your shyness can suppress your capabilities, which in turn might hinder your growth.

Shyness mostly is impacted by life experiences and parenting. I strongly believe that the levels of shyness typically vary from culture to culture. For example, the Israelis tend to be the least shy while people from Japan are the most. Now let’s try to figure out how can shyness can impact us.

Shyness hinders to boost the social skills as the person prefers to spend most of the time alone. Also, these people are mostly low on self-confidence and gradually tend to become introvert in nature. Expressing self is really important for any human being, so I think being an introvert can have a lot of negative impacts. Why not let go of those thoughts at the first place itself? I remember how children of my age during early years at school used to be bullied the most because of their shyness. If you could relate to this and have come a long way dealing with it and successfully overcoming it with time, do share your experiences in the comment section below, for It might be helpful to someone else.

Now, let’s discuss what are the strategies that you develop in order to overcome shyness.

  1. Don’t fight your fears

You lose every time you try to fight your fears. At least I do! So, the best way to deal with it is face your fears instead, let them out. Acknowledge them!

  1. Open your mind to other people’s perception

People who are shy generally are afraid of talking to people. It might be possible that the other person might be as afraid to talk to you as you are! Ever thought about that?

  1. Knowledge base

I feel that lack of knowledge is also one reason behind shyness. Confidence comes from knowledge. Stay updated! Stay tuned with whatever is happening around you!

  1. Involve in a lot of debates

Do you watch debates on news channels or may be participate in them often? If not, try doing this. I am sure this is a confidence booster.

Yes, this is how I dealt with my shyness over all these years of growing up. How do you let go of your shyness?

We’re all shy at one point or another. I believe the key is to pretend that you’re not – Komal Bhan



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    We’re all shy at one point or another. I believe the key is to pretend that you’re not!


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