EGO – Signs, Damage & Prevention

Do you know that Ego is the Latin of “I”? No wonder, right? I believe that ego is the “I” part of an individual which disconnects us from the rest of the world. The ego of a person constantly strives to be right, no matter what the situation is. It wants to place the person at the highest rank of superiority always. How would you know if you have an ego too big? Do you need to keep a check on it?

“When you allow your ego to control your thoughts, everything you believe becomes an illusion.” – Rusty Eric

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  • You want to control every situation

Do you freak out when you don’t have control over a situation? If your answer is yes, then you are an egoistic person. It is a good quality when used professionally, however if you try and moderate a situation 100%, you are rather telling other people that their opinions are not important and all that matters are your inputs. That’s where it goes wrong!

  • You can’t take the blame

So, every time someone points towards your mistakes, you find an excuse to blame it on someone else. If “It’s not my fault” has become a part of your personality, it’s a sign worth worrying.

  • Everything is about ‘you’

Having sometime to yourself is very important for everyone. But if every time, it’s only about you, chances are that you have an ego issue and one thing is for sure, that is your relationships will suffer because of your ego.

  • You find it difficult to empathize

Egoistic people cannot possibly empathize with, not even within their relationships.

  • Superiority

If you think that you are better than others, dress better, look better, work better, more competent, more intelligent, then you are likely to develop a superiority complex. Compare yourself with no one except you.

“Draw a circle around yourself – invite people in or keep them out. We are the creators of our social geometry. Calculate your volume.” -Rachel Wolchin


Also, if a person is egoistic doesn’t mean that he/she is bad. This necessarily means that they don’t have the capability to see other people as equal.

  • People will walk away from you

Most people don’t want to be around someone who can make them feel small. Do you agree? So, a big ego can repel people. Not only professionally, but a massive ego can be a hindrance in the way of the closest of relationships. Do take care of this!

  • You sound illogical

At the end of the day, no one likes to sound stupid, right? Once you have developed big ego issues, it might get in the way of your self-respect because you tend to sound stupid.

  • Frustration

Due to a big ego, you tend to take things more personally and this might get you in a lot of stress. As a result of which, you start developing frustration which will have a negative impact on your relationships and your own health.



  • Don’t be an attention seeker

Stop being someone who always wants to gain the attention of people around. Mind it, seeking unnecessary attention annoys people, so it can be counterproductive.

  • Don’t compare

Your capabilities and potential doesn’t need validation. Why compare with someone else instead? Set realistic goals for yourself and stop comparing.

  • Always be open to feedbacks

No one is perfect. Remember? While you may be good with something, at the same time, you might not be good at something else. Seek advises from others. Look forward to feedback with the most positive attitude and try to work on it.

  • Get off your high horse

Seniority complex won’t get you anywhere but will definitely leave you frustrated and alone. Be down to earth, no matter, how good a position you have secured professionally in life. You’ll make more genuine friends.

Always remember there is a difference between self-esteem and ego. Ego believes in superiority and treating everyone else as idiots while self-esteem is a combination of a high regard for self as well as others. – Komal Bhan

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