How do I keep myself happy?

They say that if you have a life that you love, it makes you happy. But I believe that your happiness makes a life that you love.

What do you think?

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Guys, staying happy requires a constant effort, I consciously try and do something which makes me happy. And believe you me, it’s not a struggle! “It’s the little things that matter” Ever heard of that? They matter to me a lot, more than the big achievements, and most of these ‘little things’ are unexpected and this makes it even more special. I meet a lot of people every day and I have observed most of them try and find happiness in making money. I started writing my blogs since the 14th of this month. Many people who know me are asking me why do I write blogs? What am I getting out of this? This makes me happy, simple! I cannot just sleep without writing it out. I write every single day. Why? Because this is my passion, something which makes me happy. I make sure to write at least an hour a day for my own satisfaction, no matter how hectic my daily schedule is!

Let me give you a set of things which I follow in order to stay happy. You may want to try them, doesn’t cost a penny!

  • Stay away from negative people

This is my biggest turn off. I cannot stand people with negative mentality. Just can’t deal with them! I strongly believe that we are the products of the environment.Like the legendary once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I strongly second that. I am wary of the people I let close to me. It’s important! When I listen to someone who’s talking negative about anything or may be their own life, I tend to start focusing on it and can probably start thinking like them. This eventually make me depressed. Negative people can ruin your life. They can and will do everything possible to bring you down. Fail them with your happiness and stand like a rock. Also, never ever go down to their level.

  • Meditate

This is something which I never used to do. But one day when I was extremely unhappy and low, my father suggested meditating every morning for just 10minutes. I tried it for the next one week and felt much better. And then I let it go. But eventually I realised that meditation can do wonders with your mood swings and your concentration too. Since then, I have been a regular follower of meditation. No matter what time I wake up, after having my morning tea, I make sure to sit down and meditate. Try this, guys, start with just 5minutes, this is magical.

  • Satisfaction

My husband is an avid follow of Mahatma Gandhi and so, we have a lot of his Biographies. He once said “There is enough in the world to full fill every one’s need, but not greed.” I always try to be happy in what I have. How do I do this? I know when it’s time to stop investing my time and energy on something which is not working out and so I try to focus my energy and thoughts on the better aspects of life instead.


I think when we give happiness to others, it comes back to us. Donating to the needy and being a reason for their happiness is one way of being happy. You can try and fix certain days in the year when you want to donate for a cause. Do this without fail. For example, try and spend one of your birthdays visiting an Orphanage and may be buy some stuff for the children. Nothing can replace this happiness!

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  • Stay hydrated

I drink a lot of water, a lot of it! Whenever I feel anxious or in trouble, I sit down and drink water. It works for me. It lifts up my mood and helps feel better.

  • Work Work Work

I believe in the concept of keeping busy and working your ass off. This way, one doesn’t allow any time for any negative vibes. I would say choose your job wisely and once you find something which you are passionate about, put your heart and soul in it. There is nothing which can stop you from being happy. Nothing gives more contentment than this.

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Staying happy is an art, you have to constantly make efforts towards it. Remain positive about it.


What keeps you happy in life? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Reblogging this to my sister site Success Inspirers World

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    1. Hey thanks, really appreciate it:)


  2. Writing does keep me happy. A few other things do too, along with a few people… so yes, I try being around them or doing the things that make me smile

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