Understanding a woman – Rocket Science?

What??? Someone can actually know how to understand a woman??

Komal Bhan || throughmymind


I had this friend calling me up on a Sunday afternoon looking for some really really serious answers! You know what I mean, right? I though I should probably write my next blog on this since most of you seem to be facing this trouble.

So, I have heard a lot of men saying that they do not understand a woman, rather I have heard a lot of them saying that it is impossible to even gauge how a woman thinks. As a matter of fact, a lot of books like Difficult Women by Roxane Gay tried to figure out how to deal with this real-time problem. I am sure that by the time you are reading this blog, you must have tried hard enough to solve this mystery and it seems next to impossible! Well Well, first things first, I must applaud all the patience that you have had…

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