HOSTELWORLD – One of the best experiences in life

You know that you have been living in a hostel when you can’t find clean clothes, your books are lying everywhere around the room, when you haven’t made your bed in a long time and there’s no one to scold you, when you tend to spend more time in your friend’s room than your own, when most of you are up till late night, when group studies mean Maggi & Coffee sessions, when a single hard drive revolves around the entire hostel with the latest downloaded movies. Could relate to any or all of these?

Left to Right : Shriya, Me, Garima, Parul, Neerja and Taniya

Four years of heaven, god damn happiness, fun and a lifetime of memories! I have experienced the best learning and fun time of my life while in hostel. You are your own boss; whether it’s deciding whether you want to wear that wrinkled dress to college or having chips and cola for dinner. Whether it is taking a shower after that game of basketball or going to sleep without having one, there is no external pressure. And I strongly believe that these little immature decisions eventually help you grow.

I still get a reason to smile when I think about how we used to make plans to study the entire night, and eventually used to end up gossiping and watching movies. We never wanted a reason to celebrate. No matter if it was someone’s birthday or someone had failed in the semester exams, we celebrated every damn occasion with utmost excitement and zeal. Basis my personal experience, I would suggest not to remain confined talking to the students of your age. Instead, talk to your senior, seek their advices and eventually, you’ll find them to be most helpful and fun to be around. Talk to your juniors, be good to them, share your experiences with them to learn and grow! I have made some really good friends with some of my seniors and juniors as well. It’s been five years out of college now and am still good friends with a few of them.

Me when I was in the final year, 2012

I have a few tips for the students who are yet to enter their hostel life and these might actually help you!

  • Leave your introvert image

If you expect people to come up to you and talk to you, it doesn’t work in a hostel life. Go to people, talk, discuss, laugh, seek help, share your experience. Show them that you are genuinely interested and want to gel up.

  • Get used to the hostel food

No matter how good the food is, it can never match the food cooked by your mother at home. The quicker you realize and accept this, the more comfortable you would be in the hostel.

  • Don’t be a “NO BABY”

Even if you are not in a mood to party or go out to have a pizza, if your friends make a plan to go out and chill, be a part of the gang. This is important for the first few months till you settle in and have a mutual understanding with everyone around. If you keep saying “NO” to people asking you to hangout, they eventually will stop asking you.

  • Take care of the money you spend

You don’t want to call your parents every weekend and ask for extra money. Do you? Since most of you will be having independent bank accounts for the first time in life, it would be easy to be careless and splurge it. Keeping a track of your expenses on an everyday basis will certainly help. Also, divide the mutual expenses of the room within your roommates so that no one suffers financially.

Although you might struggle for the initial few months till you settle in, trust me this is one important phase of life and I believe everyone should experience this time at least once in their lifetime. I have a lot more to write about my hostel life but let me end it here now. Do share your experiences/tips here if any!
Amusez-vous bien!


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  1. Tanushree says:

    Great platform to showcase your thoughts in words.. talented girl!! Keep it up 😊

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