Rape Culture – How do we get out of it?

69th year of an independent republic! Cheers fellow Indians! Our nation is a treasure of diversity, let’s do justice to this and cherish it! I wanted to take this opportunity to draw my readers’ attention towards our weakness, towards something which might not let us be somewhere where we ought to be!

Remember Nirbhaya? Any of you?

Remember the public outrage this case provoked? And what happened after that? After a year? After 2 years? It’s become one of those clinging cases in the Indian history which was also one of the rare cases to ignite the international outrage. I remember I used to live alone in Delhi then and how petrified I would be for the initial 3-4 days. I could not imagine what the poor girl must have gone through; it was inhuman and it was gross!


It’s been 5 years to this incident now, do you think things have changed for good? At least I don’t feel so! I might be wrong boss, but I have been living in Delhi for close to a decade now and there is no way I would imagine myself traveling alone post 10 at night. Am I weak? Am I dependent? Am I a coward? Or I am just helpless? Why on earth don’t I feel safe in my own country! And if we being Indians are scared of being here, what message are we passing on to the people visiting us from the rest of the world?

Now, there have been a lot of debates around this topic but does that help? I know I have been asking a lot of questions off-late but it is high time guys for each one of us to brainstorm. These discussions and these articles won’t help! What would help is finding the realistic solutions as per the current situation. It is for the men and the women of our country to accept the fact that rape is endemic to our culture. Let’s understand it’s root causes and possible solutions.

  • Re-define masculinity

Do all of us realise the fact that masculinity does not mean violence. Why do we think that a man is not a man if he’s not violent? Does that sound like screwed up? Well, it most certainly is! It’s one of the most unfortunate things to learn.

  • Re-think about ‘how’ you talk about women

There are a lot of guys around who don’t refrain from using words like “slut” and ”whores” for girls, judging them for the way they dress up to the way they talk. Rather than slut shaming them and blaming the victim by saying “she asked for it”, we must focus on the possible reasons behind the rape!

  • If you give birth to children, raise them well

I believe that teaching young minds the importance of a ‘consent’ is as important as teaching them anything else. We all will agree with this, we live in a society where we try to teach our girls how to be safe, but unfortunately, we don’t teach our boys not to rape, we just don’t talk and think like that, HOW GENEROUS!


It’s not always easy to start a conversation or a discussion on the rape culture, but engaging into such meaningful discussions can probably change one out of ten minds around! Talk for it might save some of your loved ones!

I strongly believe that working towards just one of these possible solutions will not solve the problem. We need to change everything right from the mindset of people, to the upbringing of children, to changing the system, to creating a fear for the rapists! Everything needs to be formulated to make sure that our women are safe in India.

‘What we need to do, and urgently, is two-pronged: systemic social change and legal reform’

Mihira Sood, Advocate

Being the 67th year of celebrating the constitution of India, I so wanted to focus on the most critical issue which I believe is rape in the current scenario. I think the entire new generation has to grow up with an entirely different thought process and that’s how we would be looking for a realistic difference in the near future. JAI HIND!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 2.57.50 AM.png


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  1. Freddi Gold says:

    Wonderful post. It’s horrible to be fighting that issue still in 2018. Over here in the U.S the focus about women’s issues has come a long way, but the discrimination toward women still is being fought. Don’t give up hope-your country needs your voice. More and more men are beginning to change in America- you can see it happening. It can happen in Delhi, too. Persevere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Glad you liked it:)


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