How We Met || Part 2

Hey all you lovely people, I am so overwhelmed at the response which I have received for my last blog –

I want to thank each one of you, who took out time to read the blog, all your personal messages and calls made this even more special. I enjoyed writing these two blogs the most, this one and my previous one. I have got a super amazing set of readers! Gratitude! 🙂

Continued from my last blog –

And I get another call from him and this time he is waiting right outside the metro gate. As I start walking towards the gate, my heart starts beating faster. I am terrified!

I was on a call with him while moving towards the exit gate. In a couple of minutes, there he was, standing at the top of the escalator. We met finally! After a long unscheduled tiring day, we finally met. Guys, trust me it was no less than a slow-mo action coming right from a movie scene. He was wearing a blue shirt paired with a pair black jeans. Too nervous for a friendly hug, we rather shook hands. He introduced me to his friend. We started walking as we talked. We discussed my interview and all my fear vanished in a few minutes. We were talking and giggling. Since his friend was walking besides us, I didn’t get to talk to him much and so I was a little uncomfortable too. It took me a while to realize that his friend had disappeared. Woaaahh!! I was so relaxed now. I know he is going kill me once he reads this. But yes dude, I was way too scared to meet him in person and you added up to my nervousness. I know I am being so mean! Well for all my readers to know, we are really close friends now.

We had dinner at one of those Chinese restaurants called Flavours Of China in Connaught Place, I remember sharing my liking for Chinese cuisine during one of our “online conversations”. Well, it was 11 by the time we were done with the dinner. We talked a lot. We ate a lot too! We were trying to know each other. I liked him! Despite the conflict of thoughts, we managed to put our thoughts forth in a nice manner.

We shared no common interests, yet we enjoyed each other’s company!

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-25 at 5.21.44 PM

He called his friend in a while, his friend was free by now too. They were childhood friends and neighbours too. We met him near the car parking area. On our way back home, we talked a lot. All three of us! His friend was way too sweet, he made me comfortable, he cracked jokes, both of them shared their childhood stories with me. We had a good time together. They dropped me home and this is how it started. But guys, ours was a different story, no long phone calls, no sticking up on the text messages, no meeting ‘everyday’.

The one thing which I liked the most about him is that he would never set false expectations and be very reasonable.

As the time passed by, we started meeting on the weekends with endless conversations and endless coffees. We started understanding each other and became really good friends. Although we talked a lot, met quite often, we hadn’t put it on the table yet. Months later, we were talking over the phone and I can never forget that conversation we had, it was a pretty long conversation, although we both suck at it! With time, the bond grew stronger and we started feeling more confident of each other.


As I said, we have been through good times and through the worst. I strongly believe sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. There was a time when due to some issues which I do not even want to think about now, we were forced to part ways. But instead, we decided to fight for the unsaid commitment, for the craziest friendship we shared, for our trust in each other, for the boundless understanding which we had. We went through something which wanted to tear us apart, but we came out to be even more stronger.

And then we decided to get engaged. Although I never planned to get married at such an early age, it happened because we were sure of the mutual understanding and the growing emotions! On the 28th of November, 2014, we got engaged and we vowed to stay together for the rest of our lives on the 26th of October, 2015. It’s been a hell of a journey since then. We faced our share of ups and down all through. There were so many things about him which surprised me after we got married. He was supportive of me in the extreme of situations. I always had his back even in the worst of the scenarios and I believe this made me fall in love with him! We mutually believed in the fact that love is covenant and we choose to love each other every single day of life. Although it was not easy, but it was completely worth it!



On 26.10.15, we vowed to stay together for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death separates us

Komal & Vanshaj



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  1. Varsha says:

    God bless u lovely couple


  2. Freddi Gold says:

    Really nice story- very open and genuine. definitely you should continue writing. Nice intercultural exchange reading your mind


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