How we met || Part 1 ||

There are so many reasons why I wanted to blog. Because of my passion to write, because I love to interact with other bloggers and the most important reason of all was because I could actually capture my life journey through this.

There is this community page on Facebook where we had an argument, rather a conflict of thoughts. No wonder this is how we started! We didn’t know each other at that point in time although we had a few common friends. And few days later, I get a message from him on the messenger initiating a conversation.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 3.30.37 PM.png

This is how we started texting each other but we didn’t plan to meet yet. I still have this 4-year-old conversation in my Facebook messenger. We eventually realised that we had met earlier at a friend’s get together party but none of us really could recall it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.31.47 PM.png
That’s him 🙂

A week later, I was running late for an interview and it was far away from my place. So, I hopped on to some coffee and ran to catch the nearby metro. Amidst all the chaos, I got a call from him wishing me luck. I was happy, had been waiting for the call. It had been a week of knowing each other and we hadn’t met yet! So, he proposed to meet after my interview was over. Since, the interview was scheduled for 11 in the morning, I estimated it to be over by the lunch time. So, we planned to meet at Connaught Place, Delhi for lunch. Unfortunately, my meeting took more time than expected, I called him and apologised for the delay and asked if we could meet sometime later. He said he could wait a little longer, that was extremely sweet of him. It was 4 and I was still there. Today, when I think about that that time, I wonder how he waited patiently for such a long time. I got free by 7 in the evening and I was feeling extremely bad for he had to wait for such a long long time, what made it a little comfortable for him was his best friend who accompanied him meanwhile. The date shifted from ‘Lunch to Dinner’ and I was all the way more nervous because I had been out since 9 in the morning and I was dead tired. I looked horrible, my hair was all messed up! I didn’t want to meet him like this, we were meeting for the first time after all. But he had been waiting for so long “with his friend now”.

“I don’t want to meet a guy for the first time when he has a friend accompanying him, it’s embarrassing”

“Can’t ask his friend to leave, that’s rude”

“It’s my mistake after all, my interview took longer than expected”

“I want to meet him”

“What if he turns out to be a jerk”

“What if he doesn’t turn out to be how he sounds to be”

These are some of the questions which I was struggling with while on the way to Connaught Place. Just 2 stations remaining, he was calling to follow up. I was getting even more nervous. I am pretty sure that he was as nervous as I was, though he will never admit it.

“Should I text him saying that I am not feeling well?” “What if he thinks that I am lying” “He has been waiting for so long”

Both my heart and my mind were struggling hard, what do I do?

I had reached Rajiv Chowk metro station where I had to get down for Connaught Place, what would I do?

Enter a caption

I am in a cab right now and all the memories have flashed back, all at once! Stay tuned to know what happened next. The second part will be up tomorrow at 7pm IST.

Thank you all for reading this. Keep spreading the love! Be safe!


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