Our day-out at Dilli Haat

It was a winter weekend afternoon and I had been lazing around with my Labrador. The perfect idea of spending my weekend in a cold winter afternoon is soaking myself in the sun while watching Teez playing around and chilling. That’s how we both like to spend time with each other on a holiday! Yes, we call her Teez and she is 11 years old and I will most certainly write a blog for her on one of those winter afternoons.

After we had lunch, my mum and I decided to head for Dilli Haat, INA. Me and my mum share a common love for handicrafts and we try and find time to explore some of those handicraft melas. Surajkund Mela, Nature Bazar and Dilli Haat are some of the coolest “spend a good time” places for me. The best thing about Dilli Haat is its convenient location, it is located in the commercial centre of Delhi right opposite to the INA Market, infact if you are planning to commute via metro, just drop down at INA Metro Station and walk 100metres to Dilli Haat. Be it some Firangi visiting India for the first time or be it a relative who you want to show around, Dilli Haat is a place which most of your friends would have suggested. I would say it is a cute little representation of India and would suggest visiting it once to all the Non-Indian readers if they are planning to visit India. You can buy really cool and colorful stuff which can do wonders to your home. Trust me!

So, I thought why not make it fun by taking a 2000INR challenge. Here is the list of all that I got.

  • A pair of traditional Jutis

So, I got these really cool Jutis for 400INR, it took all of my bargaining skills. It is not impossible to bargain in Dilli Haat, though not all the vendors would do it. But I would suggest try to bargain as much as possible, you never know how much can you save upon!

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.11.52 PM.png




  • A pair of traditional jhumkis

My fascination for traditional metal jewelry never allows me leave a place like this without hopping for a couple of those pretty little earrings. Dilli Haat offers a lot of silver jewelry which can be a perfect gift for your mom, sister or girlfriend may be! I got 2 pairs of earrings which can be mixed and matched with the traditional as well as western outfits. One for 100INR and another for 150INR. (Bargained a lot)



PRICE RANGE: 100INR – 600INR for the junk jewelry and 2500INR – 5000INR for the silver jewelry

  • Leather bags

If you share a love for leather, then Dilli Haat can make you really happy. Out of the wide range of big leather bags and those little sling ones too, I chose this light tanned sling bag for my daily outings for 650INR. It was impossible to bargain here and I had to give in to the price quoted by him at the end.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 8.10.24 PM.png


  • Shawls and scarfs

You would find a lot of these stalls offering Kashmiri pashmina shawls and stoles with different colors and textures. The prices may vary a lot depending on the quality of the shawls since Kashmiri Pashminas are very expensive. I would suggest updating your knowledge base before going for original expensive ones since many buyers tend to be fooled by some vendors there. I didn’t buy any shawls or scarfs this time around!

  • Hand-crafted Necklaces


I have a huge collection of the hand-crafted necklaces and if want to carry a nice formal cotton saree for your next meeting or seminar, I would suggest browsing through the amazing collection of these bright and nicely crafted necklaces from Dilli Haat. I got a blue colored neckpiece with these big beads and stones for 400INR and I believe it’s totally worth it.


  • Hand-Crafted Pots and Coffee Mugs


Being a caffeine addict, my kitchen has a collection of different coffee mugs, mostly whites. Here, I found all these beautifully painted coffee mugs and I got a couple of these mugs for 150INR each. Not yet used them but they look beautiful in my coffee stand.


In addition to all of the above, my mum bought some fabric for me and for herself too and I am so excited to get them tailored and wear them soon! Again, a lot of good stuff guys, but it needs a lot of browsing and a lot of patience indeed.

PRICE RANGE: 180INR/metre – 1700INR/metre

We also purchased some hand-crafted wall frames, the designs were from the South of India. They look amazing!

After shopping through a couple of hours, we were really tired and hungry too. Dilli Haat has food stalls from different states of India, specifically the street food. Worth trying! People who know me know my dislike for South Indian food but strangely, most of the people I know like South Indian. This day was no different, after a long day at Dilli Haat, we had this Kadapa Karam Dosa or something, which to be honest was not that bad.


The next time you plan a trip to DIlli Haat, you may want to refer to my blog!
Passez une bonne journee!


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