To begin with, it’s been a complete week of writing my blogs every day and I would like to thank all my readers for appreciating my blogs and motivating me to write further. throughmymind has become my baby now and I would put my heart and soul to make it even more helpful and interesting to read. Now, many of you have been asking me if I am doing it professionally or am I getting paid out of it? Guys, it’s just been a week and I have a long way to go. Writing is my passion and I am not doing it for money. I have a full-time job to support my finances. To be very honest, I never thought of writing blogs but yes, people who know me, know my passion for writing and that I am a “diary person”. Yes, I cannot sleep before I pen down my feelings on a piece of paper and it has been this way since I was a kid. I always loved writing and would even write birthday letters for my parents as a child. And like any other parent, my parents have kept all those letters and small notes and today, when I read them, even if it sounds stupid but the motivation to write has come from that period. It’s become an addiction which I never would want to part ways with. So, many of my friends and close acquaintances suggested writing on a social platform and what would be better than sharing my experiences with all of you to learn from, so that you would not commit the same mistakes which I have been doing in life. Also, since I have a passion to travel as well so I would be penning down my travel blogs too. I did write my first travel blog and if you have not read it, read it now –


There was a phase in my life when due to some personal reasons, I had stopped writing! But, here I am, writing my own blogs for my very own website! I never really gave in. There are people around who try to bring you down all the time and I believe it is always people like these who do not have any focus in their own life and would do anything and everything to drag down others. But a strong belief on yourself and the almighty can make you pass through all the hurdles which life has to offer and trust me guys, if you get through all this with a smile on your face, nothing can give you more strength than this! In my life till now, I have always made a consistent conscious effort to let go of all the negativity that I come across. I would say I am pretty optimistic and that is one reason why I don’t get depressed soon! Because I constantly motivate myself to look for a reason to smile. I guess we all would agree to this but we all have a reason to be happy about so why not think about it when in stress? Why not look for a solution to a problem instead of looking at its repercussions? I know it’s easy said than done. But guys, like most of you, I have also gone through a lot in life, trust me! But I never let go of that smile for it might be a reason for someone else’s strength. I remember as a kid, whenever I used to go to Dad and crib about a situation or be sad about something that I don’t have, he would always ask me to look down upon those who do not even have those little things which we are fortunate enough to have. And I suppose I have developed this feeling of satisfaction from my father. I thank God for everything which I am blessed with!

I am a strong believer of “The Secret” and it has helped me a lot in life. Just in case you don’t know what it is, I am going to start writing a blog on that very soon. Its immensely powerful and can crack any damn difficult situation which you are in. Its 3 in the morning and I have finished this entire packet of cookies. Hasta la vista, baby!

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