Understanding a woman – Rocket Science?


I had this friend calling me up on a Sunday afternoon looking for some really really serious answers! You know what I mean, right? I though I should probably write my next blog on this since most of you seem to be facing this trouble.

So, I have heard a lot of men saying that they do not understand a woman, rather I have heard a lot of them saying that it is impossible to even gauge how a woman thinks. As a matter of fact, a lot of books like Difficult Women by Roxane Gay tried to figure out how to deal with this real-time problem. I am sure that by the time you are reading this blog, you must have tried hard enough to solve this mystery and it seems next to impossible! Well Well, first things first, I must applaud all the patience that you have had till now, but I am going to make your life so very easy as I will be giving you a clarity on some general codes which we use.

What??? Someone can actually know how to understand a woman??

Has your girlfriend ever told you “I don’t want to explain that to you, forget it” or “You will never get it”? Well, the fact remains that women want to be understood themselves, without the need to explain. I guess we are probably looking for mind-readers! She expects you to know her well enough and to predict what she wants or how she feels.

Women want to be cared for. And who doesn’t? Okay now the most important thing of all, I have listed some terms below which might turn out to be dangerous if you don’t understand its real meaning.


If she says “nothing”, trust me guys, something is wrong and you for sure need to worry!


She doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, she is pissed and you are screwed big time!

  • FINE!

Hahaa now this one is way too sarcastic! If she says “fine” and you think you have won the battle. Dude, you are most likely to be wrong! She has said that because she wants to end the argument when she knows she is right and you are a fool.

  • Go AHEAD!

Woaaaaaa!!! Now that’s not for sure a permission or a “go ahead”. This is a warning. Don’t mess up!

  • GREAT!

She’s amazed at how stupid you could be and this for sure is not a compliment.


It absolutely does! You want to know which movie to watch and she responds by saying “It doesn’t matter”. You’ll know that it matters when she would start refusing every movie which you suggest. Now, here’s the crack! She has 3 movies in her head but she wants you to guess them and name at least one. Basically, as I stated above you have to be big time mind-readers!


All you Gentlemen, confused huh?? Well, it’s not rocket science. As I said, what she wants is just the opposite of what you have to offer. It doesn’t mean that you asked her what she wants for her birthday present and you get exactly opposite of what she told you! Don’t be sly!

The next time you have a fight with her, refer to this blog and you might just be safe. You’re welcome!



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