And she got married!

Have you ever planned your wedding with your soul-sister while still in college? I did! Parul, the lady love of my life, and I, share a beautiful relation together since college days. It’s been nine years of knowing each other and although we don’t meet quite often, nothing can be compared to the amazing bond we share. We can talk to each other about anything, like literally everything! Since we were hostlers, it made us grow even more close. We have seen each other through all the ups and downs. I am pretty sure that many of you readers who have experienced the life in a hostel can most certainly relate to this bond that we share.

jorn-eriksen-452412.jpgFrom all those lectures which we had bunked together in college, our first jobs, our crazy adventure shopping trips, making the right career choice, struggling through the endless crushes, all those “I can’t deal with this anymore” phases in life and of course our insanity to get married, we never realised how all these years passed by. We had grown up to be these ‘ready to get married’ girls and we enjoyed even this phase sharing our insecurities with each other. It was time, she was getting married. Yay! It was an arranged marriage and she definitely was scared to death. Although she was dealing with all the mixed emotions, I was insanely happy for her.

I am sure that most of you know how it feels when your best friend gets married and for all those who don’t, here’s a list of how I felt when my best friend was getting married.

Engagement Dress : Frontier Raas, Karol Bagh, India || Engagement Makeup : Kriti Dhir, Pitampura, India
  • I was so excited

It’s not a random girl who I had met in a flight, not just a colleague at work, not one of the relatives. Its someone who’s been an important part of my life, someone I care about and I just can’t wait to be a part of the most special day of her life. I couldn’t be happier!

  • Time to explore my P-Interest Wedding Board

With all the preparations for the wedding, I couldn’t get enough of all those Pin Interest wedding boards to explore the most beautiful wedding dresses, all that jewellery and everything else.

  • When she hurt me

Even after knowing the extent of my excitement for her wedding, she spent all her post-engagement weekends with her Fiancée. I tried my best to not take it personally though! *Wink Wink*

  • Dealing with her emotional insecurity

As the big day was approaching, my sweetheart was getting more and more nervous and we had fights during this phase too. Some serious ones too! But like always, we let them past us.

  • Thinking of the perfect wedding gift

Now, this has been extremely difficult to figure out and guess why? What do I gift a girl who was getting married and is the most special friend to me? It’s the most important day of her life. I couldn’t think of anything great so I ended up gifting her a ring which apparently, she loved!

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-20 at 8.29.38 PM
Bridal Jewellery : Soni Jewellers, Rajouri Garden, India || Bridal Makeup : Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers, Punjabi Bagh, India

On the wedding day, while she was still getting ready, I, Saurabh Sir (our college senior and a very good friend) and Priyanka (college friend) and some other friends from college friends had reached the venue. While everyone was busy meeting each other since weddings are more of a reunion, we reached the hotel room where she was waiting for all of us to meet her. And the moment I saw her for the first time that day, she took my breath away. Doesn’t she look adorable? She was indeed the most beautiful bride I had ever seen! I was completely awestruck and so happy for her. They look so cute together. While seeing her get married was an extremely emotional moment for me, all I wished for was a happy and blessed life for my best ever friend. I am sure she will get everything she deserves for she has the most beautiful heart.

P.S. For all those beautiful future brides, I have put the dresses and make-up references as a caption for the pictures, incase you like them. I wish you all the happiness in the world 🙂



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