It was a normal day at work, though extremely hectic. Post work hours, while I was having coffee at a nearby café, browsing around some blogs from my favourite writers, I observed this girl who was working with a laptop, some papers and some sketches around. I presumed her to be an architect, I always find architects interesting, wonder why! And in some time, a guy joined her and so the table top was even more messed up than before with 2 laptops, some mobile phones, numerous papers with some “sketches” and of course their coffee cups. And meanwhile there is this guy sitting right next to me who asks me if I know English. That’s how we started talking and I came to know that Bart was a traveler who came straight from Belgium and plans to travel for the next three months. He had booked a traveler hostel somewhere near Chawri Bazaar, Delhi and had booked a cab from the airport to his hostel. When the cab reached close to his location, the driver had falsely informed Bart that he had booked the wrong place and that he could be kidnapped and even stabbed to death if he enters the location. Like any other regular traveler who was visiting a new country for the very first time, he was scared to death! Poor guy! The driver had suggested to drop him near Connaught Place, Delhi and so he dropped him near this coffee shop there. Bart assumed the driver to be a really helpful guy who had apparently “saved his life” and happily offered a tip of 10EUR to him. That is 700INR. WOW! But I don’t blame Bart. Really unfortunate! Adding to the bad day that he was experiencing, he had got this new sim card from the airport and was advised that it would be activated in the next 2 hours. To his surprise, it was not working even after nearly 7hours! He had a long flight and adding up to it, the driver scaring him was no less that a nightmare. So, I called up the Airtel people and requested them if they could expedite the process. While I was talking on the phone, this girl and the guy who I was talking about earlier, came up and started asking him if he needs help. After I was done with the call, we all sat together and tried to figure out things for Bary. It took sometime but was pretty much sorted. All of us exchanged numbers and we left.

The next day, Bart wanted to meet all of us again so we decided to catch up for coffee. I was so glad to know that he had met this beautiful girl from China in the the hostel who too was backpacking and he got her along with him to meet us. We met and chatted over coffee. Had a gala time! Here’s a picture from our meet-up.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-18 at 8.38.50 PM.jpeg

Now I am pretty hopeful that any of you readers would also have wanted to help a guest the same way we three did. It was our responsibility. At least to cover up for that idiot fellow Indian (the cab driver) had screwed up completely! For all the Indians who are reading this blog, it’s my sincere request to all of you to stop harassing our guests from various countries in a way that they would never want to come back again. Rather be helpful to them and make things simpler for them. Let’s show them the amazing nation that we are and let them take away memories for a lifetime. And for all my non-Indian travelers who are planning to visit India or are already here, do not be scared of anything. India is a beautiful country with the most amazing people who would want to help you going out of their way. We believe that our guests are like God and we treat them likewise. In case you ever had a bad experience while visiting India, do not create a negative image because of few exceptional jerks. I would also advise you all to take care of your belongings while traveling. Once you have checked in to your hotel/hostel, and you are sightseeing, you do not require to carry your passport everywhere. Travel Safe! Also, do not offer undue tips for services as the service charges are inclusive of the net charges here in India. You could rather give wonderful reviews for the great experiences you have here.

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- throughmymind

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