Ever Heard Of ‘FE’MALE Chauvinism

Hey All 🙂

I have something great to talk about today. It is something to which each one of us will have different opinions. Something which might offend many individually. But what I experienced today forced me to actually think about this and I would urge you all to actually give this a thought honestly.

I was walking past the nearby park, just a casual evening stroll when I saw something unusual. Something unfortunate! Something terribly wrong! Something which made me think and think more! There was this couple standing at one end of the road, and all of a sudden, the girl started bashing the guy badly, like really badly. KICK, PUNCH, SLAP, REPEAT! This is what was happening. So, bad that the guy’s nose started bleeding profusely. As I grabbed the courage to go close to the couple, the girl grabbed his hand and left. I mean really? I couldn’t believe! Not that I did not expect a guy been hit by a girl, but the fact that on such a busy road, no one dared to come close and intervene and tell the lady that she was wrong and whatever argument they have should be sorted verbally. No one came! Poor guy I would say!

Now imagine an exchange of gender, the girl in place of the guy! Whoaaaaaa, big deal, right?? He would have been termed a big male chauvinist. Right? He is a jerk for he doesn’t respect a girl. That’s fine too. No one gives him the right to hit ‘anyone’. ‘Anyone’ it should be, right? Then, why the hell did the gender decide and change the entire scenario. You want equality of rights, equality of thoughts, blah blah. But when it comes to sound fair. You escape! Is it fair?

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Unfortunately, since the “patriarchy” has been off lately not very much in favor of women, doesn’t necessarily mean that women can play safe and take advantage of this. Don’t you think that woman hitting that man was the best example of a female chauvinism? Okay, now let’s talk about the possible reasons why no one came to his rescue?

  • He is not man enough to stand for himself

I know some of the readers would say that this is one reason why he doesn’t “deserve” to be rescued. Now, my question for all those people is why should a woman be rescued or given special privileges if she doesn’t have the guts to stand for herself and her obvious rights. Why would you intervene and bash a guy who is publicly hitting a female? WHY for all the unjustified reasons?

  • It is their personal affair

If a woman hitting a man is a “personal affair” then why on earth is a man hitting a woman your subject of interest?

I come across such unfortunate incidents sometimes, that it upsets me to the core. For instance, while I was traveling in the metro to work, I overheard the lady next to me (who was enjoying the perks of the seats reserved for women in every general coach despite having 2 coaches reserved just for women) talking to someone over the phone and I believe she was having a conversation about someone from her work place, whom she wasn’t too happy with. I couldn’t initially believe when she said that at any given point, she can accuse him of some sexist comment or touching her inappropriately and he could even lose his job and family. And even if he proved himself not guilty, it wouldn’t do any harm to her image. I mean really? Common! We are such an educated generation and talking like this. Taking advantage of something which made so many generations suffer.

Guys, it is high time we get out of this “gender shell” and be logical enough to know the real meaning of “equality”. Let’s agree to the fact that we all are humans first and hence, deserve to be treated equally and with dignity, despite what our gender is. It’s amazing to learn that the society is growing enough to respect women but at the same time, let’s respect men as much as we respect women. Because if we actually want equality, we have to keep equal responsibilities alongside equal rights.

Let’s take care of this and make it a society worth living, like in real-terms! Thank you all for reading this. Do share your opinions/experiences on this.



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    It’s also a crime to beat a man! 🙂


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