Bonjour all you lovely readers! Once again, I thank you all for taking out time and going through my blog. Merci Beaucoup!! 🙂

I love winters, more because summers are too hard on me! I sweat like a pig! HATE SUMMERS! Do let me know in the comment section below if you like winters too.

I have been allergic to the change of weather since my childhood and so, I was scared of this season as much as I loved Winters. It would start with a minimal cold, to throat infection, to breathlessness. Yes, I was asthmatic! It is no less than a nightmare, readers who face a similar problem, can actually know how it feels! Helpless! Irritating! Painful! Nothing in life could be as hurtful a situation as being asthmatic, I would believe. I, being the closest to my dad, would go to him, cuddle, bury my head in his chest and cry. I still remember how helpless he would feel, how he would try and make me go to sleep, how hard he would try making me feel comfortable. I remember those sleepless nights when he would sit right next to me throughout and run his fingers through my hair. He was my biggest support system! I cannot thank God enough for he gave me the best father ever!

So, I was asthmatic till I was 11 and then it went away! Yes, completely! Just like that!

In the year 2008, when I moved to Faridabad, India to pursue Bachelor’s in Engineering, I started facing the same problem again and this time, it got serious to another level. And guess what? Nothing had changed! Not my asthma, not the pain, not even my father! He rushed to Faridabad every single time I got an asthma attack and I would notice the same helplessness on his face every time. Post completion of my Bachelor’s, I moved to Noida to work and it vanished again. I think it had something to do with the place, may be the pollution level or something! Although asthma hasn’t got back again since the past 5 years, I still suffer from Sinus and often have a running nose when there is a change in weather.

Recently, I have discovered this home remedy which worked at least for me, might work for you in case you suffer from Sinus too, or maybe know someone who does!

Few days ago, while traveling back from work, due to bad cold, I was sneezing and holding my head hard to resist the terrible headache which I had due to Sinus. Meanwhile, I met this beautiful woman in the metro, she must be in her late forties. Long brown hair touching the end of the dark blue blazer which she was wearing, deep black eyes elegantly coaled into a black mascara, a pair of those ruby earrings which added up to her beauty and the most important of all, her smile! Her name was ANISHA! I can’t possibly find the right words to describe her beauty. She reminded me of my English teacher at school, my mentor, my favorite teacher, Ms. Sheta Kushari. She was equally elegant and carried herself with poise. She was standing right next to me and asked if I needed some help. No doubt, she had a beautiful heart too! During our conversation, she advised me to mix some turmeric, fresh ginger juice with a tablespoon honey and take it with warm water. It might help! I went home that day and dozed off to sleep since I was extremely exhausted. The next day I woke up and thought of following her advice since nothing else had worked for me either, so I took it thrice the same day at different intervals. And BINGO! Guys, it worked for me too! I felt unbelievably better in a very short duration. All thanks to this stranger, Anisha!



For all my readers who suffer from Sinus, do try this at home since I got a lot of relief, but try doing it at least thrice a day. I want to thank you Anisha for your tip really helped me and I suppose will help a lot of other people too!

Do like, share and comment in case you like this post and if you have some tips for the other readers. Time to get some sleep now. AU REVOIR! BYE!



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