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Hey Everyone!!


Welcome to throughmymind and I thank you for sparing sometime and visiting me. I am hopeful that you won’t be disappointed!


It took me good 3 months to think of and come up with the courage to start something like this. And guess what?! Writing is something which I have been passionate about since I was a kid and I remember filling up all my fancy diaries with the daily stories and wishes and what not! Ahh! Now that is not silly. Not at all. In fact, I believe that is the safest thing to do if you want to vent out anything and everything. I was an introvert kid and would never speak to someone about my happy or sad moments except my Dad!! But the most interesting bit here is that I never ever wanted to keep my Diaries after all the pages were pretty much filled up. And why is that? I guess I didn’t like much of how I felt or maybe there were more sad days than the happy ones? Surprise Surprise. I never kept my Diaries since I had handwriting issues and as a kid I would never want to give my father a chance of another lecture on that! As a result, I would destroy my Diary once it would be full. Now as I grew up, I never really gave up on this habit of penning down my thoughts but yes of course, I started keeping all my Diaries and that’s how we became the best of friends. An engineer by qualification, my passion for writing is what has got me here. Writing has not just been a passion to me, it is more of an emotional bond. The only difference is that until now, I used to write for just myself. But from now on, it’s going to be for you all! Yes, all you readers. This is going to be a daily blogging website wherein I would try to post blogs as frequently as possible. Other than writing, I like to travel as much as possible. I am going to share some blog posts about many of my trips including some solo ones and I am pretty sure that you guys can take a lot of help from the tips which I would be sharing.

Throughmymind – It was the mid of a cold winter night, not too lately, I was just relaxing in my warm cozy bed, listening to some Jazz, and this is when it clicked. As the title suggests, it is something which just came to my mind and BINGO, the purpose of blogging for me is letting my thoughts flow and helping people by sharing my experiences and life lessons. That is what I had been thinking of since the past few months. But as they say “The right thing comes to you at the right time”. I am glad that I am doing this now and I promise a lot of my experiences would be shared here for you to learn and grow!! I want love to share the four years of my stay in a hostel, away from my family and that why I would suggest everyone to at least experience hostel life once in a lifetime. This is certainly one crazy journey and I am sure those of you who would have been a part of it can relate to me. Also, not only will I be writing about my random trips in India but one of my trips to Europe! Yeaah! I have my passport stamped. Haha!

Guys, buckle up and be a part of my awesome journey called LIFE where I would be writing throughmymind!



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  1. Sanchit says:


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  2. Yashesve says:

    Lovely! Great Move! 🙂

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  3. Hey Komal.. thanks for the follow! ☺️ I directly jumped to your first blog to know a lil-bit of you.. and there you are.., A beautiful writer!!Just one month and see there’s no stopping you..😇. The writer who wanted to write since she was a kid, came out of her shell.. !!💛💛😊

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    1. Hey superhappy reading your comment.

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